CREW Seattle Targeted Networking Program 

Date October 31, 2020
Location n/a
Time n/a

CREW Seattle Targeted Networking Program 

Expand your network with CREW Seattle members virtually! 

One of the main benefits of CREW Seattle membership is the relationships we create, aiding our professional development, business connections, and personal lives. While virtual meetings, webinars, and happy hours have given us a taste of the networking community we once enjoyed, the ability to make NEW connections is difficult via this technology. With businesses moving in different directions and job descriptions evolving, we need to continue to network now more than ever.

In answer to this need, CREW Seattle would like to introduce our Targeted Networking Program. Simply register for this free event, stating who you are looking to connect with. It can be as simple as an industry, a company, or an individual. Our membership committee will then reach out to all the CREW Seattle members who match your networking criteria to present potential introductions for your consideration. From there introductions will be made to the willing participants, opening the possibility of organic conversations and connection. Our only ask is that networkers abide by respectful networking policies, as we would if we were in person: 

  • Please don’t solicit sales or job offers. Think of this opportunity as an informational interview or friend introduction. If the roles were reversed, how would you want to be approached?
  • Be mindful of everyone’s time. Organization and succinct communication are appreciated as are timely responses. We are asking our connections to participate only if they have the bandwidth to do so, and we ask the networkers to do the same.
  • Understand timing is everything. With a stay at home order that is blending personal and work responsibilities, the timing might not always work out for an introduction to be made. Remember, this is not a personal slight and opportunities for connection will come in the future. We are all trying to do our best, and sometimes a person’s focus needs to be on something the rest of the world doesn’t know about or need to. 

Make the most of this challenging and uncertain time by building your network foundation and connecting with supportive CREW Seattle members. Together #webuildthis. Register today! 

No Charge - Members Only
Sign-up has been extended to October 31.

This is not an event, it is a sign-up to participate in the program.