CREW Seattle Kudos Corner

August 2, 2019
CREW Seattle Kudos Corner

CREW Seattle’s mission is “to promote and advance business, networking, and leadership, for the success of women in commercial real estate.” What better way to do that than to highlight our member’s successes? We want to hear from YOU! Have you or someone you know –
  • Been promoted?
  • Won an award?
  • Been recognized for their work in a publication?
  • Been a part of a successful business deal that was noteworthy?
By highlighting our achievements in the Kudos Corner we’re helping pave the way for more women in commercial real estate, building our community, and providing yet another reason to join CREW Seattle. Don’t be shy – we’re excited to celebrate with you!
Please send any achievements to the CREW MarCom Committee at to be featured in the Kudos Corner. 
Looking forward to celebrating your next achievement with you!