Boost your leadership skills and expand your network by being part of a CREW Seattle Committee—all while making a difference in our mission to advance the success of women in commercial real estate. Committee members learn about the operations of CREW Seattle, connect with other dedicated members, and gain the valuable experience needed for future leadership positions within CREW Seattle.

All current CREW Seattle members are welcome to explore the opportunity of committee service. Each committee has a standing meeting scheduled by each director.

Committee Calendar

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee implements the chapter’s strategic communications plan, including producing the e-blast, marketing chapter events, managing the chapter website and social media sites. This committee is responsible for expanding CREW Seattle’s identity and influence as well as enhancing the image and credibility of CREW inside and outside the organization. Committee members serve as liaisons to other CREW Seattle committees to provide a publicity perspective on how to publicize and promote newsworthy material to the media, as well as drive traffic through digital media to event registration and CREW Network whitepapers.

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Committee Members
Erin Hobson | Director | Sellen
Katelyn (Glover) Bastien | Co-Chair | BNBuilders
Natasha Palewitz | Member | Alston Construction
Sarah Hussey | Member | BNBuilders
Natalie Price | Member | Allison+Partners
Kathleen Sirianni | Member | Chicago Title Company

Emerging Leaders Committee

The Emerging Leaders Committee seeks to offer mentorship and networking opportunities for the next generation of leaders in commercial real estate. This committee is tasked with increasing the connection and influence of CREW Seattle by networking and connecting with emerging leaders in commercial real estate. Goals include strong support of mentorship program participants and increase future Mentorship Program resources and participation levels.

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Committee Members
Kate Freels | Director | ZGF
Andrew Duran | Co-Chair | CTT
Vanessa Petersen | Co-Chair | Bental Kennedy
Lydia Bennett | Member | Saratoga Commercial Real Estate
Karen Saez | Member | First American Title Insurance
Serena Sayani | Member | Stokes Lawrence
Crissy Tomaselli | Member | Heery International
Christi Walsh | Member | Pacific Project Management
Emily Miner | Member | McCullough Hill Leary

Events Committee

The Events Committee finds new creative ways to maximize CREW membership and industry exposure through event planning such as the Signature Event and Summer Social. The events are planned to promote professional development and allow membership the opportunity to grow their professional network. The events are a key source of exposure and credibility for the organization. Committee members are tasked with brainstorming event ideas, reaching out to speakers and venues, and coordinating the details of each event.

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Committee Members
Cathy Leap | Director | Kennedy Wilson
Lauren Hamilton | Co-Chair | VIA Architects
Lisa Poole | Co-Chair | Uniplex Construction
Kelsey Bruggman | Member | Flynn Companies
Sarah McDowell | Member | ARUP
Anna Prorok | Member | Student | University of Washington

Member Development Committee

The Member Development Committee provides opportunities for members to learn fundamental career skills as well as skills specific to the real estate industry via educational programs and building tours. Believing that leaders are not only born, but can be made, the programs provide opportunities for members to develop leadership skills that will enhance career development.

For more information or to join this committee, please contact

Committee Members
Kathleen Sirianni | Director | Chicago Title Company
Skye Bredberg | Member | Weber Thompson
Tara Damschen | Member | Stantec
Kirsten (Kiry) Nelsen | Member | Perkins Coie, LLP
Corey Robinson | Member | McKinstry
Margot Rosenberg | Member | Pacific Lighting Systems
Jessica Cohen | Member | Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC

Foundation Champion Committee

The Foundation Champion Committee reaches out to women and girls in the community to help educate them about the vast career opportunities in commercial real estate. The committee achieves this through various volunteer and outreach activities with community organizations, local schools/universities, and UCREW events. This committee is also responsible for promoting and marketing the CREW Network Foundation and scholarship opportunities. Through our interaction with other CREW members and activities with local universities, we inform and promote this fundamental arm of CREW Network and encourage women to become more active in our organization.

For more information on the committee, please contact

Committee Members
Kim Addy | Director | Bentall Kennedy
Jeanne Marie Coronado | Chair | CBRE
Michelle Gail | Champion | Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson
Madisen Medley | Leisure Care
Elizabeth Rinehart | Walsh Construction
Jenelle Taflin | Navix Engineering
Pamela Trevithick | LMN Architects
Rachel Weigelt | Ankrom Moison

Membership Committee

The focus of the Membership Committee is to identify and recruit dynamic new members to actively participate in the CREW organization. The committee recruits quality members to CREW Seattle who will, in turn, broaden the range of experience levels and professional disciplines within the organization. The committee is responsible for greeting new members and works diligently to promote the retention of existing members. Additionally, the committee is a central resource for membership information and promotes the value of CREW membership to potential and active members. Committee members also host an annual event for the express purpose of welcoming new members to CREW Seattle and help get them involved with CREW to maximize membership benefits.

For more information or to join this committee, please contact

Committee Members
Kate Robinson | Director | Karr Tuttle
Kyler Danielson | Co-Chair | 
Kelsey Blommer | Co-Chair | Pacific Project Management
Theresa Comer | Member | Kimball Office
Angela Gee | Member | Dean Alan Architects
Susan Kim | Member | Garvey Schubert
Janine Perrotti | Member | Catalyst Workspace Activation
Angela Templin | Member | Glumac
Kelly Molitor | Member | Chicago Title
Lisa Lui | Member | Vulcan Inc.
Kari Larson | Member | K&L Gates LLP
Mandi Hoskins | Member | Pacific Project Management
Janine Perrotti | Member | Catalyst Workplace Activation

Programs Committee Mission

The Programs Committee plans and arranges topics and speakers for our luncheons, held at Motif the second Thursday of each month. Speakers are selected based on timely and relevant regional real estate projects and issues. The committee strives to select diverse speakers and topics that will stimulate, inform and inspire both CREW members and guests. Committee members have the opportunity to recommend program topics as well as interface with panelists and moderators. Committee members assist with greeting attendees and introducing the speakers at each luncheon. Past topics have covered a range of subjects from public and private development projects, the local economy, transportation issues and trends in commercial real estate. Speakers include real estate developers, brokers, corporate real estate executives and city and other governmental officials.

For more information, join this committee, you would like to be a speaker at a CREW Luncheon, or have a potential topic for consideration, please contact

Committee Members
Melissa Bartenbach | Director | Peterson Sulivan
Crissy Tomaselli | Co-Chair | Heery International
Theresa Comer | Member | Kimball Office
Sharlet Driggs | Member | Uniplex Construction

South Sound Committee

The South Sound CREW Committee brings events and other networking opportunities to commercial real estate professionals in the South Puget Sound region by scheduling the events, selecting topics and speakers, coordinating with the speakers and venues, and hosting the events.

For more information on the committee, please contact

Committee Members
Janet Matzke | Director | Fidelity National Title
Elizabeth Rachman | Co-Chair | Atlas Geosciences NW
Neli Tranholt | Member | Banner Bank
Wendi Gall | Member | Buildingi
Pooja Freeman | Member | First Citizens Bank
Julia Schiro | Member | Ticor Title
Kent van Alstyne | Member | Phillips Burgess Law
Christine Hadman | Member | Auburn Mechanical
Lori Milton | Member | Evergreen Business Capital
Rosie Bolens | Member | Tephra Law PLLC

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for soliciting sponsors for CREW Seattle’s monthly programs and other events. Members of the committee design sponsor benefit packages, administer the Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Special Event Programs and cultivate sponsor relationships. Members of the sponsorship committee maintain close contact and exposure to the entire CREW organization and its sponsors. Sponsorship committee members have the opportunity to form strong business connections and professional relationships.

For more information or to join this committee, please contact

Committee Members
Ashley Sherwood | Director | Oles Morrison
Kris Beason | Co-Chair | Vanir Construction Management
Jen Reyes | Member | Fidelity National Title
Lindsey Avery | Member | OAC
Rocale Timmons | Member | Seco Development
Valerie Williams | Member | Siemens
Jessica Smith | Member | Aspect Consulting
Molly Hunter | Member | Pacific Project Management
Christi Walsh | Member | Pacific Project Management